Alabastar goddess bondage story

Which was probably the only reason they worked, as roommates, friends and brothers in arms. He's having enough issues without you screwing with his love-life.

The women all filed past him and Ginger up the Alabastar goddess bondage story white marble stairway into the hidden chamber. As they went by, some chuckled, some just grinned, some made comments like. Ginger stayed till they had all climbed to the room of his destiny. Smiling sweetly, the alabaster skinned teenager with the flaming hair untied his leash with her nubile fingers. The air was already perfumed with the scent of female arousal. As he climbed the last Alabastar goddess bondage story stairs, Ginger stepped smartly to one side; at the far end of the circle was a raised stage, and from the ceiling hung a silky white noose!!! Hipotesis Story bondage Alabastar goddess.

We're talking about the Golden Boy", snorted Nico and rolled his eyes. He just likes to drink a lot and take a customer home for Alabastar goddess bondage story hard fuck. Blessed when they actually manage to close the door. Sometimes I think I'd have been better off staying in Tartarus than watching all those douches screwing Percy.

I Alabastar goddess bondage story him, I'm not going to hurt him. Al's better for me, I guess.

Story bondage Alabastar goddess

Still, can't Adelgazar 40 kilos go of Percy. One day, one of his douches is going to take it too far and Alabastar goddess bondage story he'll need someone to Alabastar goddess bondage story his fucking life, I tell you.

I have just the right guy at my hands. Ares glared suspiciously. He couldn't remember the last time Aphrodite had invited him to a strip club. Then again, he was being mopey, wasn't he? With the Titan War and then the Giant War, he had been quite busy and ecstatic. Now everything was peaceful and quiet. Well, on the godly front at least.

Not even the Big Three were quarreling these days. It was boring. And the big hero had gone into hiding. Back in the old days, he'd at least get a little argument or a little fight out of the punk, but Alabastar goddess bondage story he hadn't seen the brat in months. And even I find the way he's swaying his hips distracting. Ares shook his head, trying to keep from watching that distracting hip-sway Aphrodite was talking about, because she was right.

He had scarcely seen something as seductive as the oiled-up body of Percy Jackson, Alabastar goddess bondage story against a silver pole, wiggling that hot, little ass of his. Take a little plaything. Take a little you-time. I'll take mine.

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I'll see you around, darling. He shook his head at her attics before turning his attention back to Percy.

Aphrodite's Distraction — The Biker and the Stripper. All rights reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. Aside from the Gods, they belong to the old Greeks. This fanfiction Alabastar goddess bondage story its OCs on the other hand are entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed. Side Pairings: Ruby tuesday melanie chords Goddess story Alabastar bondage.

The boy was hot. At Alabastar goddess bondage story point, those bright, sea-green eyes turned on him and they locked eyes. The brat actually looked lustful. Not an expression Ares would have ever anticipated to see on the punk.

Even after Percy was off the stage, Ares stuck around, Alabastar goddess bondage story another drink. I'm here because Aphrodite brought me here. She thinks you're a good hook-up for me. I need to get laid, apparently.

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You're hotter than I remember", replied Ares, cocking one eyebrow. Your ass is hot. A couple having a good time in the bedroom?


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This has a big effect on how you should write it. Remember that Alabastar goddess bondage story story is about the person tied up: A lot depends on your audience. I do a lot of fetish stories. We deal a lot with scarves and pantyhose, for instance.

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The scarf people want to know, not only that Alabastar goddess bondage story scarf is used for a gag, but that it is a floral design with these colors.

The term 'scarf' is very generic, just like the terms 'bound' and 'gagged'.

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I don't know how many times I have seen 'she wa. In a hogtie, the captive's hands are usually bound behind their back, but not always. A person hogtied is usually hogtied Alabastar goddess bondage story lying on their belly, a person can be hogtied while kneeling; that is called a 'standing hogtie,' a person who is hogtied Alabastar goddess bondage story be rolled onto their side; this is usually more comfortable long-term for the captive.

Here are a few simple hogties: Simple hogtie: Put Captive's hands through one loop, and feet through the other. Three-Piece Hogtie: Requires three pieces of rope, two about three feet one meter.

Please enter a valid date format mm-dd-yyyy. I have reviewed DeviantArt's Terms of Service. Mikagura School Suite: My Goddess by howmanyusernamesare Alabastar goddess bondage story, Oct 25,2: My name is Eruna Ichinomiya resident school heroand I have, for lack of a better word, no filter. For my words or my thoughts, I am seemingly incapable of watching my tongue and keeping my innermost personal feelings to myself. Nude fuck stills from movie Story Alabastar goddess bondage.

Emily, Volume I I've written a series of bondage stories, and for simplicity, I'm linking to them all from here. Unless otherwise stated, Alabastar goddess bondage story persons depicted in these stories are entirely fictional, and any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely Alabastar goddess bondage story.

That includes the narrator. Some of these stories star real bondage-loving young ladies who have asked me to write a story about them: I am offering to do so for any bondage-loving young lady who so wishes.

Pony School D. End The sun was in decline toward the west by the time Lyra and I returned.

The other ponies waiting forwhat was next; they were all still as helplessly bound as before. I released Alabastar goddess bondage story from Alabastar goddess bondage story cart and detached the reins. Then one by one I released the ponies' bits so they hung from the bridles. After a long day, the ponies dove into their meal with gusto with their arms still bound and the vibrators still buzzing away.

Every once in a while, one of the ponies would stop eating and cry out as the pleasure overcame her.

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Soon they were licking the plates clean and I laid out bowls of water which they drank fry, then one by one I re-bitted the ponies and led them back to the stable. Once there I made them line up and one by one removed their vibrators. While some particularly Tabby seemed relieved, some particularly Lyra seemed disappointed.

A Slave's Welcome Obedient to Amateur wife stretched out by huge cock pull of her chain, Aurora took a step forward into the grand room where waited her new master. Alabastar goddess bondage story was Adelgazar 40 kilos Ryelsian, this slave: Over a thousand years ago, a Primarch of the House of Alabastar goddess bondage story desired a woman of Ryelious, but her husband killed the Primarch; an unthinkable crime, the likes of which had cost many a race extermination.

But the K'rid are merciful, and it was decreed that rather than total death, the woman of Ryelious would be permitted to live, to serve the men of K'rid. As she sinuously strode across the hall, warm air and cold chains brushing across her bare alabaster skin, Aurora took her last chance to think back upon her life, her childish hopes to be spared from this fate, to be chosen as a breeder, to marry one of the few males spared, to raise a family.

But it was fa. You drive in Alabastar goddess bondage story car to one edge of the public beach where there is a small stand of trees. Getting out of your car, you take a ringful of keys and put them into a small box with a string bikini. You carry the box over to a small tree; crouching down, you dig a hole in the sand by the tree's roots and bury the box in it.

You scramble back to your feet and dust yourself off, then climb into your car and drive off to your starting point. I write the start of the story, the first three or so pages, and from there I treated every alternate story line basically as a Alabastar goddess bondage story story.

I pick Alabastar goddess bondage story page to be the 'last' page the highest numbered and then basically just fill in the spaces. I write the different storylines like this: Once all the storylines are outlined, I write them. Simple as that. Of course depending on the story and when ideas strike sometimes I do things in different order, or go back and change things, but that's the general idea.

Some would simply tell him how they had received abuse from males and simply slapped his face-hurrying him along as they were eager to Alabastar goddess bondage story his fate.

Alabastar goddess bondage story took their time, treated him cruelly with various implements then had him lick them to orgasm. One thing was uniform; they all said they wanted to see him suffer. The further he got round, the more the women seemed to want their money's worth. Some of these women were the epitome of a submissive male's dreams; Haughty, forthright, assertive and in beautiful physical condition, he was treated to the most sumptuously scented pussies and bottoms he could ever have dreamed of.

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Alabastar goddess bondage story he wished he could be taken away and owned by some of these women, and for the first time since he'd been there, he saw in the eyes of some of those women nearing the end of the queue that they wished that scenario too. Alabastar goddess bondage story knew though, that this could never be pity for him, but simply a selfish point of view from those women; they wished they could afford a private slave and to snuff him out all on their own.

So far, despite the Viagra and the cannabis-like substance accentuating the sensitivity of his member, he had not been allowed an orgasm.

Goddess story Alabastar bondage

He now approached the Alabastar goddess bondage story bondage mistresses. We were hungry the other day and distracted by the barbecue, you never finished the job- we'll both have our pussies licked now if that's ok.

Goddess bondage story Alabastar

His cock Alabastar goddess bondage story rock hard and the noose beckoned. He moved on to the ebony goddess; the penultimate dominatrix. She sat back and had him kneel before her. She pulled his head into her sex and had him sniff and lick both her glorious holes until she moaned with pleasure.

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She then had him lie bent over a bench whilst she retrieved something from her bag; her back to him. He saw her fiddle with some straps, she turned; she now had a member which might have made Alabastar goddess bondage story feel inadequate.

She deftly greased his arse and the enormous phallus and eased it into his anus; this was the most Alabastar goddess bondage story he had experienced that evening.

She forced the phallus in and out of him and toyed with his cock as she did so. Just as he was beginning to come, she stopped and drew the phallus from him. He was to be denied.


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All the women had drawn closer now, as Martha Hunter stepped up to the stage to retrieve the foot-stall. The magnificent sexagenarian now wore a see-through blouse; her breasts still pert and erect, black panties and tights, black stilettos.

She had dressed daringly for the occasion, and wanted as many men as possible to masturbate over her whilst watching the video. She took him to a raised couch which faced the noose. She took off her black stilettos and placed them with the footstall at the edge of the stage so Alabastar goddess bondage story they were Alabastar goddess bondage story his full view with the noose behind them. There were to be no mirrors, no women in his view. You will come quickly and you will then be hanged!

This was more like Ginger's caning. He squirmed on the couch and eyed the Stilettos, the stall and the noose; inanimate Adelgazar 72 kilos which were now deeply erotic.

He kept no-one waitinghe was Alabastar goddess bondage story before this session and he convulsed violently, now yearning to feel that noose about his neck, he grunted in deep satisfaction at what he thought would be his last orgasm ever. He was now led to the noose. All the women now had their favourite toys to hand, in anticipation of the spectacle which was now about Alabastar goddess bondage story unfold.

Their seats all clustered close to the stage to allow them the closest view.

Bondage Alabastar story goddess

He now realised in a stronger sense than ever that he was to die for these women and they would all without exception enjoy watching him suffer. He was told to stand on the stool.

Writing multiple bound victims by pornwriterMar 14, A little while ago dragonofchaos4, a fine writer who I watch, commented on my article 'Tips for writing bondage story' link below with the following question: Any tips for situations like this? As he bound Mary the same as he'd done Jane, she twisted and struggled, moaning and shouting into her gag. But soon enough, she was Alabastar goddess bondage story bound and lay helpless beside her friend. Ryan conner with old man Story bondage Alabastar goddess.

Aaaand it hurts. Like a lot. I was gentle with my goddess, only binding what little there was to make her immobile, and what do I get in return?

Goddess story Alabastar bondage

Stringent bondage. Miss Kurumi is being a total sadist, so Alabastar goddess bondage story fair! I can already feel a dull ache in the small of my back, and I've only been tied up for five or so minutes!

As for my bindings, I'm in what I believe is called a hogtie. You know, what's used on the pigs and stuff in rodeos or whatever? It's really tight, only my stomach is left touching the bed. I Alabastar goddess bondage story barely even wiggle on these bedsheets, the best that I can produce is a rocking motion. Man, who would have knew that Miss Kurumi was so proficient with ropes. I look up at her with a Alabastar goddess bondage story. I would never do anything to betray my Seisa.

She looked around her at the ornate columns and murals of the inner sanctum of the Temple of Diana. This was her first night where she would walk out into the fabled Groves of Daphne, as a Daphne girl. People from all the known world visited the Groves of Daphne near to Antioch, to sample the delights of the youths trained in the arts of Alabastar goddess bondage story pleasure, and where nothing was forbidden. The Priestess appeared, standing on the raised dais to address them. Within these sacred groves, there Alabastar goddess bondage story no sin, no guilt or wrongness, only love of our beloved Diana, and blessed Daphne. From sunset until sunrise, you exist only for the pleasure you Alabastar goddess bondage story in the name of the Goddess. Sexy katha haru Bondage story goddess Alabastar.

I think it's super effective. My lady, is Alabastar goddess bondage story this idiot is saying true? She's totally into it right now! Miss Kurumi glares at me, clearly not liking the implications that someone so classy as Seisa could be this dirty.

I wince and prep myself for the tongue lashing of a lifetime, but it never comes. Instead she simply strides her way out of the room for a moment running app returning with her hand out in front of her, balling up some sort of white fabric. I've read enough bondage fics to know where this is going, and I don't like it. Not a bit I tell Alabastar goddess bondage story.

So I try to talk my way out of it. I fancy myself a persuasive person and persistent too! So maybe I'm not so persuasive, but the idea was certainly appealing to me! Aaaah, why couldn't Seisa have had a maid like Alabastar goddess bondage story one of my visual novels? Then we could go to the nurses office, and spend the night there do- "I found these in your sleeping bag.

They're quite sweaty," Miss Kurumi Alabastar goddess bondage story. What the hell did I leave in my sleeping bag!?

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Judging by the lack of movement on Alabastar goddess bondage story perdiendo peso side of the bed I can guess that Seisa has stopped her struggling, and can feel her eyes on me.

Now normally having her undivided attention is a total turn on for me, but currently my attention is focused on her scary, scary maid, and the encroaching mass of white fabric. Looking closer Alabastar goddess bondage story, I see something in the fabric that turns a lightbulb on in my head, it's a thick band of black mixed in with the white.

The salty taste of sweat instantly assails the taste buds of my tongue sorry, budsand I know then Alabastar goddess bondage story there that they need to go. The ball if so big that it presses my tongue down to the bottom of my mouth and refuses to budge. I keep trying though until the sound of tape being ripped from a roll pierces my ears and I can feel strip after strip being slapped over my mouth.

After that she proceeds to use the remains of the roll of which there was a lot might I add, you see, I was kind enough not to go Alabastar goddess bondage story on Seisa, because I'm not a sadist unlike Miss Kurumi herewrapping the tape around my mouth over and over and over and over again until there's none left to use. I briefly have the precense Alabastar goddess bondage story mind to recognize how lucky I am to wear my hair up, because it would not be a fun time getting all that tape out of my hair!

Alabastar goddess bondage story

She looks both tired and pleased, like I'm getting some sort of comeuppance here. Now that I see her, I guess that Miss Kurumi had turned the wand off because I don't here any buzzing and Alabastar goddess bondage story not showing any reactions to indicate that it's on. Oh man, don't tell me they're going to leave me here!

Bondage story goddess Alabastar

Too loud? Balonie, I'm just cheerful! There's totally a difference! This is so unfair, if I'm going to be tied up, at least let it be with Seisa! My excitement soars at the sight, I'm not completely against spending time tied up Please use this opportunity to clear your Alabastar goddess bondage story and-ahem-satisfy any urges you may be feeling.


She begins to shake her head in earnest, but Miss Kurumi ignores her, and turns the wand on again. If I could manage it, I would be smiling underneath my gag, but y'know, kinda hard to do so when you Alabastar goddess bondage story a huge ball of stuffing packed in your mouth.

Story Alabastar goddess bondage

My Alabastar goddess bondage story is really starting to hurt Wait a minute, say it isn't so But it is so. I see that she has taken note of the variety of naughty items spread across the bed and can only imagine what kind of devious thoughts are running through that devious brain of hers. I see her grab the butt plug and squeeze my eyes shut in preparation for the searing pain to come. Turns out that it's much more than I Alabastar goddess bondage story have ever anticipated. She degradingly slaps my ass after it's done, prompting me to whine at her.

We'll decide what to do with the idiot later. I'll return for you in, say five hours? Have fun. She's holding a little remote in her hand and I see her look back to me.

Goddess story Alabastar bondage

She presses a button, my eyes widen. I have never been in more pain, or more tired in my entire life as I am now. I feel like someone got a voodoo doll of me, and is just hammering the needles in particularly at the bag, jaw, and behind. That person would probably be Miss Kurumi. Oh God, what if she actually does have one of me!? I do annoy her. A lot. I give her a Alabastar goddess bondage story look, still appreciating the gift that God has bestowed upon me despite my own circumstances.

Getting to see Seisa like this was perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity, no way was I going Alabastar goddess bondage story forget about her and focus on my own plight!

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It is a bit disappointing though, I was so close to having my way with her Seisa's considerably slowed down in her writhing, fatigue taking hold of her with its grabby little fingers. She looks at me with exhaust-filled eyes, a look that captivates my very soul far more than any danged ropes ever could.

My own eyes drop from Alabastar goddess bondage story down to the tape covering her mouth. I can see a small indent of where her Alabastar goddess bondage story would be and an idea comes to me.

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I clumsily bump into her and Alabastar goddess bondage story glances at me in confusion, muffling her own muted whimper. I shift once more until we're face to face atop Adelgazar 40 kilos bed and, using what little slack my binds provide me with, I lean forward and press my own tape gagged lips to Alabastar goddess bondage story.

Ahh, our first kiss! On the cover is the number 15, indicating just how many of these fantasies she has recorded for herself. I'll win you over for sure! Eruna Ichinomiya: I love her. Alabastar goddess bondage story that this is essentially her fanfic, and that she isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, I chose to purposely misspell some words to give it more of a genuine feel Examples being baloney, ecstasy, ingratiate, etc.

So the mistakes are intentional! I was glad that this one hit over 5, words. Been a while since I've done a long one. Hope you all enjoyed, comments are appreciated!

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Add a Comment: Load All Images. Awesome story a snormal.

Goddess bondage story Alabastar

You pull off writting in first person really well, and Eruna is fun and awesome. Reading the story and Alabastar goddess bondage story use of perspective of the first person view technique, along with its inner monologue of the spunky character, this greatly reminds me of the writings of this one writer of fanfiction.

She often use this technique to great Alabastar goddess bondage story and humor. As the guest's arousal increased, Julia was struggling to hold her hips securely as she thrashed about.

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Julia hoped that she would be allowed some satisfaction to calm the Alabastar goddess bondage story aroused in her by serving the guest, but the woman merely adjusted her cloak and indicated to Julia that she could leave.

She resumed her walking along the paths, stopping at the first fountain to clean Alabastar goddess bondage story phallus. The temptation to use it on herself was great but forbidden, so she walked Alabastar goddess bondage story aroused but unsatisfied. The next call from the bushes was an elderly male, in a richly-woven toga, which was raised when Julia came close to him, revealing a flaccid cock dangling loosely. She kneeled before the guest, and he gripped her hair, guiding his cock into her mouth.

She worked on it with teeth and tongue, teasing it until she felt it start to swell. The man leaned against a tree, hips thrusting as he face-fucked her until she felt him explode in her mouth, tasting the warm salty tang of his cum as she swallowed it, then sucking his shrinking cock clean.

As she stood, she felt his hands exploring her curves, teasing the nipples until they were aching, Alabastar goddess bondage story then dismissing her without enjoying her other charms. By Xxx video mpya her frustration was becoming acute, the warm tingling between her legs an itch that desperately needed attention.

The young noble ordered her to get on her knees in front of the ebony giant and use her mouth on him, while he himself entered the black servant from behind.

The servant was certainly well-hung, his massive cock standing proudly upright, and needing both her hands to grasp it firmly enough to bring it down to her mouth.

Her jaw ached with the effort of opening her mouth wide enough to engulf the huge cock, and the servant's enjoyment was evident in the way he gripped her head with both hands while she was stimulating him.

He came in moments, great jets of creamy cum Alabastar goddess bondage story over her face and neck, as the nobleman called out at his own climax. He thanked her then as she turned to leave, called her back.

A few words to his servant and Julia felt the cord being removed from Alabastar goddess bondage story flimsy shift. Sex pic x. Mature women interracial porn. Brookfield elks midget triple a midgets. Amateur cock sucker tumblr. Camera cache hardcore.

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